(ELC) to P1 Transition

Midlothian Council Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) to P1 Transition Statement

Our ELC settings and primary schools (Associated School Group, ASG) have been working on ELC – P1 transition throughout the 2019/2020 session.  However, with the ongoing Covid-19 situation all ASG ELC settings and schools should adapt plans to best meet our families’ needs.

The central principle that our schools are working from is that all transition activities must comply with public health advice to ensure all young people, staff and parents/carers are safe.

Midlothian Council recognises that schools are different however, the following outcomes for ELC pupils and parents serve as a consistent ‘Midlothian Guarantee’ for all of our ELC/P1 Transition programmes.   All schools are working towards delivering the following outcomes


  • All primary schools will plan an ELC transition programme that will take place, potentially over a timeframe (May- Aug) subject to public health advice.
  • All primary schools will create staged intervention programme(s) for ‘vulnerable’ pupils, sometimes known as Enhanced Transition; this could include ‘virtual/remote’’ and ‘in person’ experiences
  • All schools will update ELC parents/carers on plans for transition, reflecting good practice transition guidance
  • All primary schools will identify a clear and shared two-way communication strategy to address parental questions/concerns, e.g, an easily accessible section on their websites, virtual Information Evening, dedicated transition email address etc.
  • All primary schools will update ELC parents/carers on school specific plans for transition, on Wednesday 20th May
  • All primary schools will undertake wellbeing calls/emails to parents/carers of ELC pupils in June
  • All primary schools will share a ‘3D virtual tour’ of their school on their websites
  • All primary schools will make clear their dress code expectations and engage with suppliers to facilitate purchase and distribution (likely to be an online process) including support for those families who are experiencing financial challenge
  • All primary schools will adapt their transition practices from August to place increased emphasis to ensure new P1 pupils are welcomed and Covid-19 related wellbeing issues are identified and supported through a range of appropriate interventions, e.g., this may include ‘buddying’ systems, key support staff on hand to offer support and guidance and regular communication with families.

Transitions for pupils with Complex Needs will follow a similar format to that outlined above. In addition to this pupils accessing any of the Midlothian Complex Needs Provision will have a bespoke individualised programme tailored to each pupil’s specific needs. This will include direct contact between the Principal Teacher of the Complex Needs Provision and families throughout the summer term.

Additional Sources of further information and support

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