Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies

  • Body Coach Starting Monday at 9am Joe Wicks is going to be the Nations P.E teacher 👨‍🏫  Children and grown ups need to stay active and positive and these short home sessions will really help
  • Jack Hartmann songs and videos – You will thank us for these 😉

  • YouTube search – Just Dance or Just Dance Kids

  • Little Sports has videos featuring a variety of exercises to help your children stay active at home.
  • GoNoodle has videos that teach your children different dance workouts, breathing exercises, stretches and fitness breaks
  • Try different yoga and mindfulness activities with these videos from Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  • Footy Pups shares videos to get younger children interested in exercise and to learn different football skills.
  • – A great website that explains what the coronavirus is, among many other conditions and illnesses, in a child friendly way. Games and activities linked to looking after our health and hygiene.
  • For the next few months on Headspace there will be a free section in the app called Weathering the storm, available to everyone. It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises designed to help guide us all through this.

Outdoor Learning Ideas and resources 

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Outdoor learning ideas and activities