Green Dinosaurs

Please find attached Home Learning for all Nursery Children and some story videos from our staff.

Den Building

Rain Home Learning

Teddy Bears Picnic


Giraffes Can’t Dance

The Worrysaurus


Please find Week 3 home learning for the Green Dinosaurs group from Mrs Marwick.

Week 3 Task- Bird Nests

Please find Week 3 home learning for all Nursery children.

Chinese New Year


Please find Week 2 home learning for the Green Dinosaurs group from Mrs Marwick, this week you are learning about making sock puppets.

Week 2 task – sock puppets


Hello everyone!

We are really excited  to announce that the nursery has signed up to take part in the RSPB’s Schools Big Bird Watch and the Big Garden Bird Watch. We hope you will help us and take part from home too. To do this we would like you to carry out a simple bird survey by counting the number of birds that visit your garden and mark them on one of the attached survey sheets. This task is to  be carried out over the space of one hour and this can be split over the course of 5 days approximately 12 minutes per day.

At the end of the 5 days please send us a photo of your results to ,We will then  record all your findings and submit to the RSPB.

Other activities you might want to try are;

Making your own bird feeder to encourage birds to visit your garden. Some examples have been attached or you may have other ideas of your own or you could try making your own pair of binoculars to look at the birds up close may help you identify the species of birds. Also attached are some fun and activity sheets for you to have a go at too. Remember to take photos of your creations and send them to us!

If you do not have access to a printer let us know and we will arrange to print off the sheets for you.

We really hope you will join us in this exciting challenge and we look forward to seeing all your photos!



The Bilston Early Years Team


Bird survey – join the dots

Bird Survey

How many birds of the same kind did you see

Make a bottle bird feeder

Make an apple bird feeder

More than 5 bird survey

Number 1-10 bird survey sheet

What birds did you see survey