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Accessing home learning using technology is new to most of us! Attached below are guides for using google classroom on an Ipad/Tablet or a PC/chromebook.

Midlothian Distance Learning – Parent/Carer Portal covering glow, google classroom, seesaw and other tools.

Midlothian Distance Learning


Using Google Classroom on a PC or Chromebook

Using Google Classroom on an iPad or Android tablet

Using Google Classroom on a mobile or tablet

To access the G Suite applications on a tablet or mobile phone, you will need to install the app. The app can be found in your device’s app store (e.g. Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore). Search for the following and install. All apps are free.
1. Google Drive
2. Google Classroom
3. Google Docs
4. Google Slides
5. Google Sheets
6. Jamboard